The world we are in today is greatly dependent on the free flow of trade and investment. Arbitration is one of the most common ways of settling a dispute between parties without having to recourse to the time-consuming, costly, and complicated procedure of litigation.

The parties are now more inclined to settle their dispute through arbitration as this can help to maintain their relationship even after their dispute. Legislatures of Bangladesh are now giving more importance to arbitration. In a real estate cases, arbitration is just before going to litigation. Again in Energy-related case the only way to resolve a dispute is through arbitration.

We regularly stand for our clients in Arbitration matter upon the wide area of corporate and commercial disputes:

  • Representing a shipping company in arbitration proceedings in its US $ 5 million claim against a local company.
  • Representing a power plant company in arbitration in its 29 million claim before the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission.
  • Representing so many arbitration related to Gas, CNG, Electricity before the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission.

We have been handling many arbitration suits with a reputation for a long time. Arbitration practice by having a dedicated legal team comprising of lawyers that are highly specialized in their fields and have deep Arbitration sector experience. Our arbitration team handles much Arbitration in Bangladesh Chemical Industry Corporation and also Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission.

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