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At present Bangladesh is the most important place for companies or commercials. Rashel’s Law Desk – A Full Service Law Firm, a corporate & commercial legal services in Bangladesh, acts for various foreign and domestic producers, distributors, service suppliers, and trade associations in a broad range of international trade and services matters, from technology to heavy industry, to telecommunications.

The team provides advice to foreign companies on investment regulations, sectoral caps, and regulatory issues relating to various sectors. The team actively advises and opines on barriers to entry, which include foreign investment regulations, policies, and specific commitments under various trade agreements, customs duty, etc.  

The firm assists and represents foreign companies before the regulatory authorities including the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of Bangladesh and helps companies in getting necessary approvals/ clarifications/ registrations/ licenses. 

The team has advised clients from almost all sectors including Energy, Telecommunications, Technology and E-commerce, Entertainment, Media & Broadcasting, Education, Pharmaceutical, Defense, Trading (retail and wholesale), Real Estate, and Construction among others. 

We have significant experience in dealing with mergers & acquisitions, private equity, joint venture agreements, international securities, foreign exchange regulations, and capital markets transactions. The lawyers of the firm can assist in understanding the types of barriers faced by the foreign investors and the recourse to be taken. 

The firm actively advises clients on trade-related issues which directly impact foreign investments in Bangladesh. Such issues may include preferential market access to Bangladeshi companies, localization of technology, compulsory transfer of technology etc.

Rashel’s Law Desk – A Full-Service Law Firm is considered by many to be a leading & specialist legal services provider with regards to specialist advisory, drafting, and advocacy services in relation to the company and commercial matters. Our lawyers can assist you in all forms of disputes in relation to company matters by advising and representing you in courts and tribunals.

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