Administrative law is the main operating law for the government service holder in Bangladesh. If the government service holder has any grievances against the authority he/she can come to the Administrative Tribunal to get remedies.

Our professionals have a wide range of experiences in dealing with the grievances of government officials. So far our professionals have conducted and won a number of cases in the Administrative Tribunal including the following:

  • Conducted a case in favour an Additional District Judge against his dismissal order which was successfully presented in the Tribunal by our professionals and ultimately we got the judgment and order in our favour.
  • Conducted so many cases for BTCL personnel and being successful in terms of getting them remedy.

We have been handling many Administrative suits with a reputation for a long time. Administrative practice by having a dedicated legal team comprising of lawyers that are highly specialized in their fields and have deep in Govt. service-related matters experience. Our team handles many Administrative suits before BangladeshAdministrative Tribunal and Bangladesh Administrative Appellate Tribunal.

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