Admiralty Laws in Bangladesh

Admiralty Laws deal with cases of accidents in navigable waters or involve contracts related to commerce on such waters. There are also laws in place to protect workers if they are injured or die while performing the duties of their job. The most common causes for admiralty suits in Bangladesh are Vessel Collision; Cargo Short Landing; Damage done by a vessel, Non-payment of the crew, Ship arrest. The High Court Division of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh has original jurisdiction of admiralty suits which means if you have any issues related to admiralty matters, you are required to file a suit in the High Court Division of Bangladesh.

We are one of the repugnant law firm in Bangladesh with an international standard in Admiralty Matters. Our professionals are involved in so many remarkable Vessel Arrest, Release and Monetary Compensation Claim including the following:

  • Advised a Local Bank (as a lead Professional) to recover the invested amount of 46 Crore from the company. One of the most remarkable recovery in the Banking Sector.

  • Advised a Foreign Ship Owner to arrest the Vessel caused damage the owner Vessel and successfully recover the Compensation amount.

We are also involved in Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration nationally as well as internationally on Admiralty Matter and successfully win the Award.

We have been handling admiralty suits with a reputation for a long time. We distinguish ourselves from other law firms with admiralty practice by having a dedicated legal team comprising of lawyers with some respected retired Judges of Bangladesh who are highly specialized in their fields and have deep experience in the relevant sector.

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