Foreign Investment

Now-a-days Bangladesh becomes one of the most lucrative place for foreign investment. The geographical advantage, cheap labour cost and political sdtability makes it even more suitable for foreign investor to invest and doing business in Bangladesh. The country has experienced rapid economic growth in recent years mainly driven by exports of readymade garments and remittances from migrant workers. The country is diversifying its export base in terms of products and destinations while tapping into its vibrant private sector and a large pool of inexpensive labor. Bangladesh’s major export item is readymade garments and others include shrimps, jute, leather goods, and tea.

The team provides advice to foreign companies on investment regulations, sectoral caps and regulatory issues relating to various sectors in Bangladesh. The team actively advises and opines on barriers to entry, which include foreign investment regulations, policies, and specific commitments under various trade agreements, customs duty, etc.   

The team actively takes part in consultation processes with the Government of Bangladesh and related ministries on policy-related issues and submits proposals, papers on required changes in the extant policy.

The team advises clients on entry strategy, business and legal options of doing business in Bangladesh, setting of up a company and related labor law/ employment laws. The firm also advises clients on issues relating to employment and long-term visas for their expatriates (employees).  

The firm assists and represents foreign companies before the regulatory authorities including the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of Bangladesh and helps companies in getting necessary approvals/ clarifications/ registrations/ licenses.  

The firm actively advises clients on international trade-related issues which directly impact foreign investments in Bangladesh. Such issues may include preferential market access to Bangladesh companies, localization of technology, compulsory transfer of technology etc.

Rashel’s Law Desk – A Full-Service Law Firm having the aptitude is providing advice to various multinational companies & organizations regarding international trade and harmonizing the issues in a friendly way. 

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